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Mull Rally 2017

Due to insurance issues, the Mull Rally is not going ahead in 2017 in the same Closed Road form as previous years, however in its place two alternative events are being organised. The objectives of these community volunteer-run, not-for-profit sporting events are:

  • to maintain the spectacle for local residents to enjoy
  • to maintain tourist income to the island
  • to retain continuity of presence in preparation for the return to closed-road rallying in the future.

Friday 13th October 2017

A Targa Road Rally, restricted to road cars and road tyres. The competitive sections are restricted to a maximum average speed of 30 mph. Once on the public roads, the cars will travel with the general traffic flow. The competitive sections form either Special Tests (tight and twisty routes, where the competitor endeavours to set their fastest time) or Regularity Tests (where the competitor attempts to maintain a specified average speed). The competitive section are planned to take place on various private properties across the island.

Saturday 14th October 2017

A Rally Time Trial which is a sprint competition open to fully-prepared rally cars as seen on the Mull Rally. This is planned to take place in a forest in the North of Mull. After a low-speed recce run, each car would attempt the forest stage a number of times, nominally 4 but perhaps 6 if time allows. The best time of the day wins. The cars would return to the paddock at low speed along the public road.

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