Back Brae Lodge, Tobermory Self Catering Holiday Cottage Accommodation on Mull
Late availability: book now for stays late October 2020 onwards. See our location. Find out how to get here. More about the house.

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Midweek Break Stays Available

Select a stay here then continue to payment. For an alternative stay on any nights shown as available, just ask us.

  • 2020 Monday 26 October 3pm to Friday 30 October 11am
    Midweek Break £320.00
  • 2020 Monday 02 November 3pm to Friday 06 November 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2020 Monday 09 November 3pm to Friday 13 November 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2020 Monday 16 November 3pm to Friday 20 November 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2020 Monday 23 November 3pm to Friday 27 November 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2021 Monday 04 January 3pm to Friday 08 January 11am
    Midweek Break £280.00
  • 2021 Monday 01 February 3pm to Friday 05 February 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2021 Monday 08 February 3pm to Friday 12 February 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2021 Monday 15 February 3pm to Friday 19 February 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2021 Monday 22 February 3pm to Friday 26 February 11am
    Midweek Break £300.00
  • 2021 Monday 01 March 3pm to Friday 05 March 11am
    Midweek Break £320.00
  • 2021 Monday 08 March 3pm to Friday 12 March 11am
    Midweek Break £320.00
  • 2021 Monday 15 March 3pm to Friday 19 March 11am
    Midweek Break £320.00
  • 2021 Monday 22 March 3pm to Friday 26 March 11am
    Midweek Break £320.00
  • 2021 Tuesday 07 September 3pm to Friday 10 September 11am
    Midweek Break £255.00
  • 2021 Monday 13 September 3pm to Friday 17 September 11am
    Midweek Break £340.00

COVID-19 protection in 2020

We want you to be fully confident that you'll arrive in a holiday property that's thoroughly clean, and disinfected for your peace of mind. There'll be a minimum 24-hour vacant window before your arrival, after which our housekeeper will prepare for your stay. Cleaning and disinfecting products will be available at Back Brae Lodge during your stay, so you can maintain hygiene.

Because of the extra time needed for changes between guests, we're asking you to bring your own bedsheets and towels (pillows and duvets are provided, with fresh covers). We expect this will be a temporary measure and will be reviewing it as time goes on. This means that you can be confident laundry will be sanitised to your own standards, and allow us to concentrate on making sure surfaces are properly disinfected before your arrival, without sacrificing the duration of your stay any further.

Remember to check ferry travel to plan your trip on to (and off) the island. Although things are not yet back to 'normal' compared to previous years, you'll find that many Mull tourist businesses are ready to receive you, outdoor activities are still on offer, wildlife is thriving and there are plenty of things to do - unless you're putting your feet up in the house with a movie!

You may want to bring more supplies for catering for yourselves at Back Brae Lodge, in case restaurants and takeaways have limited capacity or shopping at the Co-Op is inconvenient. See a list of local food suppliers and a mouthwatering selection of food on offer for delivery and collection from Tobermory and Mull producers.

Please bear in mind that for us to provide any booked stay in the coming months will depend on any new Scottish Government travel restrictions or Mull island visitor guidance in place for the time of your stay. If you're unable to travel because of national or local restrictions, we'll offer you either a full refund or a change of dates. Read the Mull & Iona COVID-19 Visitor Charter.

As a responsible self catering host and member of the Association of Scotland's Self Caterers, we've followed the ASSC's industry-leading measures for restarting safely and implemented their Enhanced Cleaning Protocols as well as preparing our own risk assessment. We've also signed up to VisitScotland's Good To Go certification for visitor accommodation and committed to Airbnb's Enhanced Cleaning Protocol.

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We're Good To Go - in partnership with VisitScotland, the National Tourist Organisation of Scotland

What's The Story To Stay In Tobermory?

All prices cover two adults staying, or parents with two children. To reserve a stay more than one month in advance, only a deposit payment of £100 is required.

For an alternative stay on any nights shown as available, just ask us. You don't actually have to be resident during the whole period that you've booked, if you prefer a shorter stay for the same price. You can always select more than one consecutive stay for a longer booking (e.g. 2 weeks).

Tobermory Mishnish buildings and Back Brae Lodge
The Royal Buildings in Tobermory, with Back Brae Lodge tucked behind the red and yellow buildings.
  • view of the north end of Tobermory's Main Street
  • Back Brae Lodge location in Tobermory town
  • Back Brae Lodge kitchen
  • Back Brae Lodge upper floor
  • upper entrance and lounge
  • master bedroom
  • Tobermory whisky, soap and biscuits
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